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1976-1985 the former Ingenieurbüro Dr.G.Hoffmann
had developed rather complex analog and digital systems:
  Measurement of angles of polarization (PTB)
  Complete autopilot for a Mini-Aircraft (IABG)
  MIMOS 8086 controller network (Hannover Fair 1984)
  Test turntable for accelerometers (DLR, PT Nurtanio)
  Rolldamper for ships with tanks (Intering)

Hoffmann,G.: Verbesserungen an einem Multiplexer-
A/D-Umsetzer. Elektronik 1/10.1.1986, p.66-73

Hoffmann,G.: Rauschgenerator mit variablem Spektrum
und konstanter Varianz. Elektronik 25/11.12.1987,p.100-107

Hoffmann,G.: Digitale Approx.kontin.Übertragungssysteme.
Automatisierungstechnik 35(4/1987), p.148-155.

These experiences enabled us later to manufacture any
kind of missing electronics in scientific research.
Mainly Ralph Scherge developed the PC-MIMOS Process
Controller Network, a real time system, 3 boards per PC:
  16-Channel ADC with input filters, computer calibrated
  16-Channel DAC with line drivers, computer calibrated
  Timer, Digital I/O, State bus, optional IEEE-488 bus
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