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1988-1996 we developed in a group of twelve students
a life size marionette which dances in real time,
according to any kind of music.

The mechanical system consists of eight string winches,
a turntable and two linear drives for XY.   Additionally
we have two floodlights with two servo axes each.
Five Computers of types 286..486, one signalprocessor
and two XY-controllers are cooperating in the network.
The data transfer is performed by a digital state bus,
an IEEE-488 bus and plenty direct analog connections.

The loudness of the music is analyzed by Terhardt´s
Fourier-Time-Transformation. The pulsating spectrum
is parameterized and delivers up to 12 basic rhythmical
patterns. To these we assign dancing eigenmotions,
which form a kind of function system. The transform
into machine coordinates is straightforward.
One should not forget the esthetical sensitivity of human
observers and the cultural background of dancing.

Hoffmann, G.: Musikgesteuerte Marionette. Automati-
sierungstechnik 42 (8/1994), p.356-365. (Documents)
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