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We have programmed the experimental graphics system
ZEFIR in Pascal and Assembler.

The ZEFIR Tutor shows interactively the generation of
graphics, perspective mapping with a moveable camera,
moveable light, automatic shadow, rotated objects and
texture mapping of any source, including reflection.

ZEFIR is the base of the lecture "Computer Vision", fast
and reliable, educational and fun.

Rendering of surfaces - filling the surface triangles with
color, depending on surface and light, respecting hidden
parts - is a rather difficult task, which we perform by
software in a good quality, about 100.000 small triangles
per second. Some commercial systems offer a higher
speed by hardware, but one has to take into account,
that we need anyway a software renderer to generate
files of graphics e.g. with 3200 x 2400 pixels. Thus a
qualified algorithm in Assembler code is essential.

The whole system has been mainly developed to supply
students with some basic knowledge of Computer Vision.
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