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ZEBRA is our fast and versatile Image Processing System.
ZEBRA offers operations for geometry, filtering, retouch,
polygon cut with spline interpolation, perspective rectifi-
cation, morphing, color models in HLS and RGB, dithering,
light effects, JPEG and Indexed Color compression.

ZEBRA can handle segmented areas or paths. Marked by
the alpha channel, they are then available in other images.
A file manager with automatic thumbnails is also included.
Scanned images up to 3840 x 3072 are imported directly,
larger files by interpolated downscaling.

After basic filtering and geometry operations with inter-
polation, the image is reduced to 1280 x 1024 pixels, 32bit,
and then represented by up to 7 layers in RAM. This and
the extensive application of Assembler kernels even for
the floating point unit guarantees a very fast processing.

The finally limited size is good enough for any kind of prin-
ting up to 5 x 4 inch (resolution 0.1mm) and practically also
for large posters where the observer is at greater distance.
More about printing and a general test page in Documents.

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