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After we had finished the project Dancing Marionette , we
started to teach the puppet a choreography by showing
the motions of a dancer.

The dancer carries a rucksack with four infrared diodes
which are synchronized by radio transmission to a video-
system with two cameras. Using the images of the flashes
the positions of the diodes in the object space can be
computed by photogrammetry. Then we get a set of gene-
ralized coordinates for the body: x,y,z and three angles.
This set is stored, filtered, interpolated and manipulated
for esthetical reasons, regarding the fact, that the motion
belongs to music.

The trajectories are then copied to the puppet, playing the
same music as during the teaching mode.
Now the playback speed of the motion is synchronized to
the actual speed of the music player by correlation control:
omitting or doubling of trajectory steps.

Hoffmann, G.: Teach-In of a Robot by Showing the Motion.
International Conference on Image Processing, Lausanne.
IEEE Proc.ICIP-96, Vol 1, p.529-532, 1996 (Documents)
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