The Garbage Bin - my Homepage

Ancestor, found in Palawan, Philippines, 1984

Studying 50 years ago, I lived in the vicinity of a pond, which was gradually filled up with
garbage. The water surface gleamed rainbow colored by waste oil, nearby a rotten brick factory.
My neighbour, a puppet player, shot salute over this valley of unrest.
In front of the window chestnut trees flowered in spring, sometimes I found in infertile gardens
roses in november, dogs were barking all night long.

Amongst the garbage and the flowers, there may be the roots of my disgust for Virtual Reality
in real life. This disgust concerns as well commercial TV and Internet mini videos of bad quality,
which we encounter even in professional performances, an insult to one, who grew up with
Truffaut, Pasolini, Godard, Resnais, Kluge, Antonioni and many others who created images.

Good bye M.A., and thanks for your films:
Michelangelo Antonioni (born 1912) passed away in July 30 / 2007.

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